As you may know, the century-old practice of yoga is performed by a number of techniques and movements. Each move has its own rule and limitation that every participant of the said practice should learn to follow.

Now, if you are thinking of getting into yoga and make yourself a slimmer, calmer, healthier, and hotter person, you need first to know the basic yoga moves. Well, the basic yoga moves are known by those in the yoga world as “asanas”. They can be performed a few times a week and once they are performed regularly and properly, they can guarantee you to obtain better health and well-being in the end. This is what makes yoga actually one of the most favored practices on earth.

So what are the basic yoga moves? Well, consider the following:

Boat Pose

The boat pose is in the first place one of the most basic moves in yoga. This demands the core muscles though, but it can be performed easily if you just know about the proper ways to do it. All you need to do here is to sit straight on the floor and lift your feet up drawing your knees toward the direction of your chest. Hold your feet behind if you want an extra balance. Once you’re on that position, lean your back a little until you made a parallel level between your lower legs and the floor. If you think you are already prepared to maximize the intensity of this asana, try to straighten and lengthen your arms forward, but make sure that your leg remains straight.

Many yogis have said that the boat pose is a great yoga move to take if you want to challenge the level of your flexibility as well as deep muscle control while keeping your legs suspended on the air, straight.

Half-Bridge Pose

Another notable move practiced in yoga is the half-bridge pose. You can do this move by laying flat on the ground with your hands and legs straight. Keep your palms down and start bending your knees with your heels close to your buttocks. Just like the rest of the yoga moves, this involves breathing. So when you exhale, push your arms and feet into the floor, allowing your hips to lift into the air. In this case, your butt mounts up, as well as your thigh, forming a parallel level to the floor. Do this move by paying close attention to the extension of your knees, as well as to the degree of parallelism of your thigh and feet. You can stay on this pose for about a minute, releasing only through a deep exhale.

The half-bridge pose is practiced by the yogis knowing that it help straighten your posture and make your chest and back highly toned.

Camel Pose

Finally, there is the Camel Pose, which may keep you reminded of strengthening your core as you try to stretch through the middle. All you need to do here is to kneel straight for preparation. Place your hands on your back with your palms down. Arch backward as far as you can. This arch position is what basically helps your core muscles to remain strong. According to several experts, the camel pose is one of the yoga moves that will help your body prevent injury.

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