If you are overweight you may not want to join a gym to lose weight or join some sort of exercise class. An overweight person may be embarrassed by their weight and too embarrassed to go to the gym. You may also be a bit self-conscious to go to a gym on your own. Those that do decide to join a gym will often lose motivation if they are going on their own and don’t have an exercise partner to help keep them motivated. For those who want to exercise to lose weight but don’t want to join a gym may prefer to do exercise for weight loss at home.

If you do decide to stay home and exercise at home then you may want to consider buying some gym equipment as these can help you to stay focused, and they are also a reminder to keep exercising. Here are some popular gym equipment for exercising for weight loss at home.

* Treadmill — the treadmill is fantastic for burning lots of calories. If you don’t have much space in your home there are fold-away treadmills available that don’t take up much room when packed away. Treadmills are easy to use and you can set them at your preferred speed and gradually increase your speed and your distance as you become fitter.

* Elliptical Trainer — these are also known as cross trainers, and they work both the upper and lower body at the same time. When working on an elliptical trainer, you work in ‘skiing’ motions that can burn off maximum calories in a short time. These machines are fantastic for those who want to exercise for weight loss at home.

* Balance Ball — balance balls are available from sports stores and many variety stores. They are affordable and although they don’t burn as many calories as a treadmill or elliptical trainer, they do help to burn calories, tone muscles, and increase stamina.

These three pieces of exercise equipment are great combined and offer a very effective exercise routine. Once you have these items, you need to plan a specific time each day that you will exercise. The most common exercise times are either first thing in the morning or straight after work in the evening. By having a set time each day you are more likely to stick to your schedule and build the routine into part of your usual daily routine.

Start off your exercise routine by walking on the treadmill for around 20 minutes. Start off at a slow speed and gradually build up that speed over time as you become fitter. After your 20-minute walk on the treadmill, have a drink of water and do some stretches.

On the second day of exercise start off with some sit-ups or crunches. Once you have completed some sit-ups then hop on the elliptical trainer for 20 minutes. Once again do this at your own pace and you can gradually increase your speed over time. Finish up with a glass of water and some stretches.

The third day of exercises will use the balance ball. Sit on the ball with your calves at 90 degrees to the hips and bounce gently up and down on the ball about 20 times. Next, lay on the ball face down with your feet on the floor to keep your balance. Put your arms behind your head and push your head downwards and then raise it back up. Repeat this about 20 times. When you become more comfortable and confident with these exercises you can add some weights for more resistance.

Once you become a little fitter and comfortable with these exercises you can increase the time you spend exercising each day and combine all three lots of exercises into one big exercise session each day. Of course, only do this at your own pace and time.

These three pieces of exercise equipment are great to exercise for weight loss at home and you will save money long term on those continuing gym fees that you don’t have to pay.

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